BLOG: Performance Appraisals

Performance Appraisals

A performance appraisal is a periodic assessment of your employees' performances and abilities.

Performance appraisals serve a variety of purposes, such as:

  • recognizing the strengths, achievements and contributions of an employee
  • supporting employees in skill and career development
  • identifying where working conditions can be improved in order to increase work quality/productivity
  • creating a plan to resolve any areas an employee is lacking

Before you conduct your individual meetings with employees, you will first need to determine the required competencies and expectations of the position and measurable outcomes. Have these been clearly communicated to the employee? This information should not be new to the person being reviewed and goes back to your onboarding process.

Once you have conducted your appraisal of the employee’s performance against the job requirements in writing, schedule a one-on-one interview. This should be completed at least annually. The meeting should focus on positive feedback but this is also a time to discuss areas of improvement in a constructive manner as well as future goals. If necessary, a performance improvement plan (PIP) for underperforming staff should be put in place.

Performance appraisals are a mechanism for providing feedback and can boost morale and overall performance as well as outlining areas needing improvement. 

Ideally, the performance appraisal should not be the only time you communicate with your staff about their contributions to your practice or areas for improvement. Frequent conversations build strong relationships and leave no room for surprises at the time of the annual review.

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