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Performance Appraisals



A performance appraisal is a periodic assessment of your employees' performances and abilities. Read more

Are You Crafting a Job Description or a Job Posting?

When it comes to job hunting and recruitment, two crucial documents play distinct roles in communicating the expectations and requirements of a role: the job description and the job posting. Read more

Are You Onboarding Your Staff or Just Hiring?

Employee onboarding is a critical process that plays a vital role in the success of both the new hire and the organization as a whole. It is more than signing employment paperwork and giving them a procedure manual. Read more

Expressing Gratitude to Referral Sources and Staff

November is a perfect time to practice gratitude for two of the most vital parts of your practice - referral sources and staff. Read more

To Hire or To Outsource - That is the Question!




Should I hire or outsource? Just what is outsourcing? When and why should I consider outsourcing? These are the questions! Read more

To Hire or Not To Hire


This is one of the most strategic decisions you will make in your practice. Read More

Hiring - It's All About The Match



The most important resource to a service-based business is its people. This makes successful hiring a necessity. So what can you do to set yourself up for success when hiring? It is all about the match!  Read More

What You Need to Know About Recruiting and Interviewing


Attracting and keeping high quality staff is just as important as attracting and retaining clients.  Your staff is the lifeblood of your practice, particularly in a service- based industry. Read More






Onboarding is more than new employee orientation.  It is a process for helping new hires adjust to performance demands and company culture so they can be successful members of your team. Read More

 20 Retention Strategies


Nurturing and Retaining Your Staff


Given the value that great employees add to your business, nurturing and retaining your staff is essential to the growth of your company and should be a high priority. Invest in your team! Read More

How Do I Hire an Office Assistant? A Step-by-Step Guide


Once you are ready to begin to delegate some of the work in your business to an assistant you will have more time to grow your business. Read More

1099 vs. W-2 Employee





When making staffing decisions, it is critical that business owners correctly determine whether the individuals providing services are employees or independent contractors. Read More

Top 5 Small Business HR Mistakes

Top 5 Small Business HR Mistakes And How They Can Impact Your Bottom Line. Read More