BLOG: Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

In order to grow your practice, you need to have a strategic plan. Strategic planning defines your practice's mission, long- and short-term goals, and an actionable plan. 

There are 5 steps to strategic planning:

1. Determine where your business currently stands. Know your numbers and do a SWOT analysis.

2. Identify your goals, so you know what you are working towards.

3. Develop your action plan to achieve your goals. Build in accountability for achieving various stages of the plan and make sure your team is versed in the components they are responsible for completing. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry put it best; "A goal without a plan is just a wish."

4. Execute your plan. The work you put into Steps 1-3 is meaningless if you don't take action on the plan you have developed. Just work your plan step-by-step.

5. Revised your action plan as needed. Life and business, are ever-evolving, so don't be afraid to make adjustments to your plan as new opportunities and threats arise.

Executing an effective strategic plan will enable you to reach your goals and drive your practice forward. 

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Renee, the owner of The Private Practice Coach shares with clients her knowledge and expertise gained over 30 thirty years of building a profitable, multi-disciplinary private practice.


Renee Matlock, the owner of The Private Practice Coach, shares with clients her wealth of experience, gained over 30 years of building a profitable, multi-disciplinary private practice.
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